The Denver Associates work toward being a positive and supportive body that aids the Mother’s Chapter in fulfilling their goals and programs by offering expertise and prior knowledge. We act as advisers and provide ideas on how to carry out that which is necessary to make activities and programs successful. We offer input and identify areas where we can provide support.

The Associates Group participates in selected service activities and plan activities and projects that is of interest to their own group.

​Current officers of the Denver Chapter Associates Group:

Chairperson – Tamara Rhone, Denver Chapter
Liaisons – Marlena Ragin & Marcia Scott-Warner
Historian – Ida Daniel
Photographer - Valerie Gill
Treasurer – Vanessa Howard
Courtesy Committee – Jennifer Taylor and Angela Davis

Current Associates:

Rosemarie Allen ('96)
*Glenda Barry
Dana Batey
*Wanda Beauman ('80)
DeVita Bruce
*Betty Dennis ('82)
Berma Benson ('76)
Gwen Brewer ('95)
Cynthia Bronson ('89)
*Ida Daniel ('79)
Angela Davis ('97)
Jan Dunn ('96)
Valerie Gill (’98)
*Janice Gray ('81)
Velveta Howell ('97)
Vanessa Howard
Sherry Jackson ('95)
June Johnson ('80)
*Marsha Johnson ('82)
*Winifred Johnson ('75)
Deirdre McGee ('99)
*Gegertha Mozia ('90)
Janice Napper ('99)
*Jane Pigford ('74)
*Patricia Powell ('05)
*Marlena Ragin ('83)
*Tamara Rhone ('83)
Victoria Scott-Haynes ('93)
Marcia Scott-Warner ('03)
Sonia Stovall
Therese Strickland
Valencia (Faye) Tate ('97)
*Jennifer Taylor ('86)
*Loujuana Terry ('86)
Diedra Walker ('93)
Sylvia Walker (’03)
*Glenda Wells-Evans ('86)
Barbara E. Williams ('94)
Linda S. Williams ('08)

* Denotes National Life Member