The aims of the organization are:

To aid mothers in learning more abut their children by careful study.
To seek for all children the same advantages which we desire for our own.
To support all local, regional and national legislation aimed at the improvement of all children.

Programming is what drives our Chapter!

Under the guidance of our Program Directors, our chapter enjoys a yearly, well-organized program of activities. The Denver Chapter of Jack and Jill supports the goals and objectives of the National Organization by providing educational, social, and cultural activities for the children of the organization. Children are first placed in groups determined by their age / grade. Group activities are then planned based upon the children's ages and interests.

Pre-K: Exploring Leaders

Exploring Leaders programs are for preschool and kindergarten children. The focus includes a variety of activities which will help them develop rapport and friendships with each other all while exploring a safe and fun environment.

1st-3rd: Adventurous Leaders

This is the age of curiosity and questions. Our first, second and third graders like to do a variety of things that highlight their creativity, imagination and their growing independence.

4th-5th: Emerging Leaders

These Emerging Leaders are beginning to form ideas and opinions of the world around them.  Programming at this level provides lots of opportunities for talking, questioning and discussions. These are good years for poetry, songs, drama, stories, drawing, and technology.

Jr. Teen: Upward Leaders

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are rapidly developing a social awareness and are exploring how they fit into relationships. They want immediate gratification and perform well with many brief learning exercises.  Be prepared for quickly changing interests.

Sr. Teen: Born Leaders

These are exciting times for our Born Leaders. Never before has there been a young generation of Americans, brighter, better educated or more highly motivated. During these years, these young men and women will complete an annual service project, attend teen conferences and plan and attend leadership seminars.

Annual Programs and Activities:

Our signature, premier event which recognizes graduating high school senior young men who are leaders in their schools, sports and community. This annual recognition event occurs in December and is highly anticipated by the Denver community each year!

Black History Month
The entire Jack and Jill Denver family participate in a stimulating, educational and fun activity that focuses on contributions made by African-Americans to our way of living related to arts, science, technology, engineering and math. We invite the community to participate with us by having exhibit display tables for interaction and education!

MLK Marade
The Junior /Senior Teens and Jack and Jill families participate in the Martin Luther King Day Marade, one of the largest MLK parades in the country (competing with Atlanta) with an excess of 30,000+ people. The 3.1 mile route which ends at Denver’s capital building gives our members an opportunity to bond and reflect on the accomplishments of a great man.